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Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plein air painter - we're very fortunate

St. Lucia, West Indies

American Contemporary plein air painter.

We're in a unique position as outdoor painters, to reach out and touch people's lives, when they see us painting on location. We interact with people, curious about why we're on a street corner painting or truly interested in art and appreciative to watch.

We're given unsolicited advice and stories about their Uncle Bob who painted pictures and their very talented niece who is only 6 but loves to draw.

People are fascinated with seeing an image appear, almost like magic on a canvas that starts with just a few brushstrokes. After all, we are abstract artists (all of us) starting a tree with a stroke here and there.

We're able to take a 3 dimensional scene and hopefully transfer the essence of it to a 2 dimensional surface with enough mystery to enable the artist to get lost in the scene and pass on this state of mind to the observer.

I was just thinking this morning how incredibly fortunate visual artists are. A poet or a songwriter or musician, can reach masses but, can't put an original work in a public space with the purpose of having someone fall in love with it and take it home...we touch peoples lives, one work at a time..

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