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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

Creativity art workshops & retreats

Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Contemporary plein air painter.
Does the Monhegan Workshop whisper to your soul?
J.R. Baldini and Molly Delaney, Psy.D
All levels welcome to participate at your own pace
Transformational workshop allowing your creativity to surface.
Use it to communicate, grow as an artist, handle stress and PAINT !.

If you've ever had the good fortune to spend time on an island in Maine, you know how magical an experience it can be... a place where time seems to stand still and you can hear your inner voice whispering all the possibilities of the day...

I've been painting Monhegan Island since 1974

Picture yourself walking in the footsteps of Homer, Hopper, Kent, Fitzgerald, or Wyeth... literally

Monhegan has no cars !

Then imagine being inspired not only by the beauty of Monhegan island, but also by having the key to unlock your creativity more effectively.
The plein air workshop on Monhegan is designed to help you hone your painting and creativity in ways unmatched by any other workshop.

This workshop is aimed at helping you see with ‘new eyes’ and translate your vision more effectively whether your skill level is advanced or beginner.
Here's your chance to stay and work on the magical, mystical island of Monhegan, long known for creative, spiritual and life altering forces with like minded individuals seeking the essence of oneness and serenity with nature. Experience the ancient romanticism long known to artists, poets, writers and musicians that is Monhegan, the island that time forgot...

Get in touch with your inner creative force in a reality most artists just dream about.

Imagine waking in the morning, looking out your door and everywhere you look is a painting waiting to happen. Paint en plein air in and around  Monhegan Island. Classes will concentrate on capturing the light and atmosphere on location. Emphasis on color temperature and grisaille to simplify outdoor painting. All levels accepted.
En plein air, you are immediately challenged to create a strong composition and get it down before the light changes. This gives you a window of approximately twenty five minutes before the lighting pattern begins to change.

Jacqueline believes the painting experience for her, would not be the same without the use of all five senses- to hear the wind and gulls, to smell and taste the sea air and feel the sun or rain- to truly connect to the spirit of the land. Being a plein air painter forces you to stop and "smell the roses".

Monhegan is wonderful for nature walks, hiking, birding, searching for fairy houses, watching performances in a one room schoolhouse, casual conversations with interesting characters, gourmet dinners, golden sun, panoramic views, silky fog, reading a favorite book near the oceans edge or catching some rays and a snooze (multi tasking), meeting a friend over a latte, sharing your day over dinner,and watching scarlet and cherry vanilla sunsets.
And painting....

Class is held around the village and small coves.
There is considerable walking required. Please let us know if you have physical limitations.
The village is small but,  there are no cars. The only vehicles on Monhegan are the Hotel trucks used for hauling and luggage. The island is 1/2 mi. wide by 1  1/2 mi. long. with 17 miles of trail.

Demonstrations capturing light patterns using grisalle and composition will be emphasized. Critiques will be held for personal growth. Personal critiques can be arranged for some of your current work. Days are spent painting in and around the island which boasts some of the most beautiful vistas , 600 species of wildflowers, 100 species of birds and at 165 feet, the highest headlands on the East Coast!

The workshop is very relaxed.
Why not treat yourself to a fun, learning holiday? 
Be sure to check out the accomodations and student  comments and photos page.
If you'd like more info on the island email me your address .

If you are a beginning painter or a studio painter, you are in for a great experience!
The island has two small stores for general merchandise, a library, 3 establishments for dining, 3 walk away food places, a church, a gallery that sells limited art supplies, a one room school house where community events are held, a light house and museum, a few small local craft shops and artist studios.
Should you be extending your stay, there are boats that do tours to other islands.
The island is basically rustic with most homes & cottages using kerosene lamps. 
This is a step back in time, the pace is simple and slow and very conducive to creating. Monhegan has been an artist colony for years and the level of art created on and about the island is phenomenal.
Supplies should be kept to a comfortable minimum. A complete list be be mailed upon registration.
You may choose to work in Oil, Acrylic or Pastel.

There is considerable walking involved - appropriate durable footwear is required.
Please inform us if you have physical limitations.

If you do not already have supplies for plein air painting, please check with us before you purchase them.
A painting umbrella is STRONGLY recommended.
On the accomodations page you will find a list of suggestions for lodging. Participants are responsible for their own accomodations - most find the Monhegan House charming. We suggest refundable reservations for any of your travel reservations.
The hotels fill quickly so please call them early. You will also find contacts for the ferry boat.

5 day workshop instruction and creative visualization sessions
classes  from 9:00 - 4:00 pm with morning or afternoon demos each day critques are held as time allows

Introductory price at $597.00 pp.
(workshop only - participants are responsible for their own accomodations)

We suggest refundable reservations for any of your travel reservations.

Balance is due 30 days before start of workshop.

Up to 45 days from the start of class, a full refund is given, minus $50.00 - we regret, less than 45 days from start of class, because of advance reservations, no refunds are available.

1 800 393-7270
Workshop Title : Problem solving  ‘on your feet’ en plein air painting & Creative Visualizations

Description :

5 day working on location workshop to help you achieve drama in your painting. Demo/lecture each morning.

You will learn to ‘bake the cake ‘ before you applying the frosting.

Wonder why your finished painting bears little resemblance to the excitement you felt when starting your painting ?

Students will should have 2  12x12 or smaller canvases to work on per day. Typical work day is 9 - 4pm

Creative Visualizations

Sessions incorporated during the workshop for Creative Visualizations. Re-enforce the body/mind connection and learn how your 'filters' work to your advantage.

Goals : Students at the end of a 5 day workshop will be able to recognize a strong composition and see values using grisaille.

This will enable them to make decisions when doing problem solving on their own, painting on location.

Grisaille studies, directly on canvas will enable students to commit to a composition and value plan instead

of constantly adjusting their values and shadows, commonly known as ‘chasing the light’.

This eliminates the also common fragmented, unfocused  painting.

Experience level : Beginner to Advanced

Prerequisite Student Skills:  It is suggested that beginners have the experience of at least one drawing course.

Students Supply their own Materials: The workshop is taught using a limited primary color palette. A complete list of suggested oil & acrylic pigments is mailed before the workshop. Canvas board or stretched canvas 12 x 12 or smaller.

A support for canvas and carrying materials. Incidental list also mailed.
A painting umbrella is strongly suggested.