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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

Creativity art workshops & retreats

Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Monday, November 4, 2013

plein air painter - The Art of seeing

American Contemporary plein air painter.
My book, as you may already know, is finished. 
Need to carve out some focus time to 'gather' my files and start my search for an editor 'match'...

In the meantime, I continue to personally work with the material in my book in my own everyday life (a recent experience landed me in Paris, France) At the end of a 3 hr workshop the other day, a woman came up to me and said 'you enriched my life'. It's an amazing feeling to validate the material I've spent years working on...www.permissiongranted.org