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Creativity art workshops & retreats

Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Artist Jacqueline Baldini shows Anne Pederson of Chippawa how to effectively paint still life with acrylic paints as Pederson becomes An Artist for the Day Sunday.
Art workshop 'mini holiday' for painters
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By Eddie Chau
Arts & Entertainment
Feb 15, 2008

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According to artist Jacqueline Baldini, paintings shouldn't be ordinary. Rather, they should contain drama.
That's what she told student Anne Pederson as she showed the Chippawa resident how light and shadow affects the outcome of a painting's subject, a flower and vase set by a window sill.
Using a palette of only black acrylic paint, Baldini creates an outline of the subject on a canvas. After the paint dries, Baldini mixes the primary colours -- red, blue and yellow -- to create the base colours of a future masterpiece.

Baldini said teaching a workshop reminds her of the experiences of the sights and sounds of her many travels. She said it keeps life simple.

On Sunday at Baldini's Lundy's Lane studio, the Niagara Falls artist hosted a workshop known as Artist for the Day.

Baldini called the day a "mini holiday" in which patrons participate in an all-day workshop, learning how to paint with full materials in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

"If you've never painted I'd show you how to and in the end you have a finished original painting," Baldini said. "It's the first time I'm trying this 'indoor' workshop here at the studio."

It was the first time that Pederson had ever tried to paint. She found out about the workshop from an advertisement in Niagara This Week and was excited to give it a try. "Art can be very intimidating," Pederson said. "But after giving it a try I feel very comfortable."
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Truth About Starving Artists Sales - Niagara Falls Artist

The truth about those starving artists sales...

It's always been a sad joke amongst the art community when your local 'highway motel' hosts a 'starving artist' sale.

I set out to write an article but, first went online to see what was available for documentation.

What I found was this wonderful article that said it all...


well, almost all...

Being that these "original" art sales 'with nothing held back' occured frequently in my hometown in Utica in New York State, a fellow artist and I were head out for some plein air painting one morning and ran across one. WELLLLLL... we couldn't resist-

We walked in, looking around rather quickly, like we would be making a fast exit, which got the immediate attention of a fast talking salesman.

'Do you see something you like?' he asked. We replied yes but, how much would the painting be without the frame ?

They were selling 8x10 'paintings' framed for $10.00 !

He explained that he would have to charge us $7.00 for the painting, so we might as well just take the frame for the extra $3.00..

We replied "oh, we don't want the painting, we want the frame". And the look on his face had us cracking up all the way to the car !