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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

Creativity art workshops & retreats

Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Friday, March 15, 2013

plein air painter - Chelsea, NYC exhibit until March 23

American Contemporary plein air painter.
Current Exhibition
March 5 to 23
Far & Near Horizons
International Landscape Show
J.R.Baldini - Christophe Cardot - Margaret Evans
D.F. Gray - Debra Joy Groesser - Julie Houck
Karl Eric Leitzel - Carol McArdle - Kathryn McMahon
Georgia Mansur - Sandra Nunes - Lelija Roy
Linda Richichi - Larry Seller - Janica Warriner
Curated by Basha Maryanska
Opening reception: Saturday March 9 from 3 to 6.