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Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Plein Air Painter - understand this...

American Contemporary plein air painter.

Because what we produce as art is so very much tied into who we perceive ourselves to be,
try an experiment the next time you are reluctantly taking part in a public function/mixer...

Be aware of the fact that no one there really knows you, really doesn't know how you define yourself. Doesn't know the paradigm you believe...molded in your childhood from parents projections, relating to siblings and gym class in high school...

Make a plan to be outside yourself. Smile more, introduce yourself to at least a dozen people and try to find out about them and why they're there.

When you introduce yourself, don't give yourself that familiar label, after all they don't know if you're a minister or a rapper...

Whether you realize it consciously or not, your job or purpose in life is to connect with people.
Think about all the ways you do this naturally. Conversation,your art,sharing a meal, etc.

As an artist and workshop instructor, I may say something like "I help people to connect to and value their creativity, which is a great stress reliever ". Now, I could just say "I'm an Artist"...
which do you think would engage you in conversation ?

Reinvent yourself - don't wait for a New Year !

You never know how life connects people and ideas...ARTWORKSHOPS


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