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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

Creativity art workshops & retreats

Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Plein air painter - Monhegan art workshop Aug 8-12

American Contemporary plein air painter.
Monhegan Island Original oil 24x24 oil on canvas

Uncle Henry's, Monhegan Island
12x12 oil on linen


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plein air painter - next workshop Monhegan Island

American Contemporary plein air painter.

And so what I've learned...

what I have realized...is that when people come to workshops and share their time with me, they may be there to further their painting, pick up a few tips, or take a trip to a neat location while doing something fun, or maybe even learn painting...but what happens is, because we all connect on a creative level, they make a transformation - we all do.
I'm always in awe when this happens. In a recent workshop a few weeks ago, I had a few people who had painted before, but just needed a confidence boost. One, at the end of the workshop made an audible sigh and had tears streaming down her face when she turned around. Her simple 'thank you' said a world of things...
I want you to know, I've been where you are. And the realization is, I like helping people to communicate, get in touch with their heart values, feel empowered that it's OK to be who they are,whether they want to be an artist or just learn that expressing ourselves creatively is a core need in our lives. With it, we can grow and mature - without it, we exist and just get on with our life. I'm no more special than anyone else. The secret is to be the best you possible. I love my life !

Take a minute to write down 5 things that make you feel so special you feel it with your heart. Spending time with family and friends is a given, so we won't include these.
In this example, you've already spent an entire day with everyone you love and said goodbye
If you had one day left on earth to do what you wanted for you - what would the 5 things be that would be the perfect day?
  1. ___________
  2. ___________
  3. ___________
  4. ___________
  5. ___________
I heard a speaker do this exercise awhile ago - the purpose is to let you 'hear' your heart values. What's really important to you and then to let these values help you live your life. We'll all die someday, that's for certain. What isn't so certain is that we all live...what we have to answer for is -did I live ? did I love ? and did I matter ? I'm gonna keep working on those answers...

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