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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plein Air Painter -Protector of the lands and endangered animals

American Contemporary plein air painter.

Out door artists are very aware of the changes in the landscape they live in daily.
They see buildings demolished, trees cut, streams dry up, and species thin out.

Years ago, I was involved with Save the Whales, educating grade school children to be aware of what was happening to the magnificent giants of the deep - how they were being exploited and driven to extinction.

Our planet is so very fragile and the balance easily upset, as we're all seeing...

In Nairobi, a tiny baby elephant was separated from the herd, no doubt because of poachers.
She lost her way and perhaps looking for water, fell down a well.

She was rescued , along with other orphans and is being tended to and nourished. Her name is Naipoki (her name means "something painted) in Maa.

Recently, I adopted baby Naipoki and will get updates on her progress, until she, like others before her, is successfully returned to the wild.

Sometimes a little act can have 'elephant size' effects.

I hope she does well...


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