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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

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Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Utica Free Academy Reunion - UFA

Well, here we are back at UFA - how many years later ? Gosh, can't say it seems like yesterday... Click on photo to enlarge

Our first stop was a mixer at Vista lanes. I have to say, I'd never been in there before but, I'd guess it hasn't changed much in those years. A few of us in the photo- Jacki Glinecki (me), Candy Meyers, Karlene Bulcinski, Elaine Ciccone and Fred Carncross
Then there was Jeff Jones and his wife enjoying the really loud music. It was good to see Jeff.
Forgive me for the names left out of photos - this is Fred,again and Sandy Zimmerman.
We were able to do a tour of the old building - now on the registry of Historic Places but being used as an old age home.A few of us were able to get the $1.00 tour and were allowed into some of the older parts of the building. Here's Candy, Polly Nolan and myself in the old choir room.

Part of the old building going into the gym/auditorium which is still there but, will soon become a storage room.
And the gym - what memories walking in here !
Geez, this place used to look so much bigger !!
Frank Marrotta in the old gym locker corridor .
Some of the other places we were allowed to go in for the 'private' tour were so dark and we had only one flashlight, so no really usable photos there. We went down to the little theatre used for drama productions - it was dark even then but, now had refuse all over and construction debris. Still an interesting tour.
See if you recognize any of us in this photo ?

This was a group discussion session at the Sunday picnic with some of the grammar school gang from Holy Trinity on Lincoln Avenue. Jim Chmielewski,Roman Kulik, me,Walter and just out of the shot Christian Wojchiehowski. (hope i spelled these right)We were given a set a questions and each group from different grade schools had an interesting discussion about what it was like during those years for each of us.

Roman,Christian,Christian's wife and Richard.

Here's Fred with (I think) Barb Stoio, Linda Feole and ?
Here's the gang from Holy Trinity again. Me,Walter(last name?),John Swiecki, Chritian Wojciehowski, Richard Chimelewski,and Roman Kulik.
OK, where were the rest of you guys? I know you get together in Utica once in awhile.
This was one of the photos at the reception. Polly Nolan was kind enough to ask me if i wanted to show a few of my paintings at the reception. Just happened that 2 large ones were shipped back to my sisters place from the Karpeles Museum, as I live in Niagara Falls Canada now, and was taking them back with me ( border customs for shipping -
is a nightmare, so I said 'sure, great idea'

Thanks, Polly, it was fun to share !
If you'd like to see paintings on my website click here

The alumni association was also at the reception and I have a video upload here for you to join in and sing the UFA song ...one more time.

No, I'm not singing...thank goodness.
Anyway, hope to hear from some of you, if you see this blog. You missed a good time!

aka Jacki Glinecki

Plein Air - HAVRE De GRACE - juror & Past Exhibits

Jacqueline was the juror for the second annual Havre de Grace Competion in Maryland.
The story was run in the July 29th Baltimore Sun.

The Second Annual PLEIN AIR painting competition - Havre de Grace, Maryland! August 1-4, 2007 Sponsored by Soroptimist International of Havre de Grace in the historic water view city of Havre de Grace, Maryland, where the Susquehanna River meets the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay.
• More than $10,000 in prizes • Gala Preview Saturday eve Aug 4 • Exhibition/sale Sunday, August 5-19
For further info, contact: 410-939-9342 or email hdgartshow@hotmail.com

Entry Juror: Jacqueline Baldini, Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

J.Baldini is Executive Director and Founder of International Plein Air Painters. She is a Plein Air Painter as well as Master Photographer. She is a member of International Plein Air Painters, The Professional Photographers of America, American Society of Photographers. Her paintings are part of private and public collections in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. She conducts Plein Air Painting Art Workshops in Niagara Falls,Ontario , Niagara Falls, USA, St. Lucia, West Indies and Monhegan Island, Maine.

The recipient of numerous international awards, Jacqueline’s work has also appeared in many publications including The Artists Sketchbook Magazine by The Artists Magazine,The Artists Magazine, American Artist Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Esquire Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Country Living Magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur.

on Saturday the 2nd of June 2007
from 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Karpeles Museum
94 Broadway
Newburgh, NY 12550
Please see details here

Jacqueline will be on hand for the reception - the exhibit runs through July 31, 2007
World Tour website click here

Hear an interview about the exhibit with Jacqueline and Linda Richichi here

Jacqueline work is on view at the
John Sterling Harbor House
Monhegan Island, Maine
through July 22, 2007

Willowbank School of Restoration Arts
Queenston, Ontario
Exhibit August 2-3-4-5, 2007
Opening reception August 3, 2007 from 7-10 pm


About the Artist. . .

As a child Jacqueline, spent lunch hours in Munson Williams Proctor Institute Museum, when other children were on the playground. She was more at home in a solitary world that included books and art, and most fascinated by Thomas Cole (February 1, 1801 - February 11, 1848) was a nineteenth century American artist; is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century and was concerned with the realistic and detailed portrayal of nature.) Series of paintings called the "Voyage of Life" and spent countless hours immersed in the atmosphere that these tremendously large paintings created.Childhood - Youth - Manhood - Old. Age At the age of 10, her parents sent her to Munson Williams Proctor School of Art where she spend evenings and Saturday mornings emersed in the artists world that held such fascination for her.

Artist Statement

Plein-Air Painting is a metaphysical skill capable of creating an image that lets the viewer 'Be there in the moment' when viewing the painting. J. R. Baldini

If I had to name one of the most influential elements in my artistic life, I would have to write a description of the magical state of consciousness one experiences on Monhegan Island.I have not, to this point in my life, experienced Monhegan personally in words. I believe painting or visual art is suffocated by verbal description.

Years ago when I met the great Hollywood and Broadway actor and artist Zero Mostel on the island, I invited him to a painting critique. He asked what we did at these critiques (which, I might add, had accumulated quite a following). With a feined look of horror on his face he boomed,"my dear, art is to be appreciated not criticized!"

You have certainly heard someone comment-I don't know much about art...But, that is not true. Words aren't necessary to express appreciation for visual art, your spirit tells you when you are moved by a creation.

Enjoy your visit here and may you leave with a work of art in heart.
Click here to listen to an interview with Jacqueline about Plein Air Painting