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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Plein air painting - Niagara Falls to Quebec

The next morning the smell of wonderful pastries home baked by Marielle at the Maison du Fort, came wafting up to the second floor.
A great start to a long day of painting.
In the morning, I painted at Place Royale. I had painted there 4 years ago, and found it a difficult subject - too many doors- too many windows - I was painting in watercolor, this time I was using the M.Graham Oils. I picked a simple composition, choosing to leave out a statue bust of Louis XV standing in the middle of the square. Again, there was construction going on.

In the afternoon, walking around for hours, brought me to the le petite Champlain, a grouping of small quaint shops , not far from Place Royale. Chasing the sun, both to get warm and more dramatic lighting, was tiring and Brandy and I settled on this tiny alley and painted till the sun started to go down.

We then, had another great meal and hospitality at Primavera Restaurant. Just to keep up my strength, ;) I had 4 cheese ravioli and bruschetta.
From there, we headed down to do our last painting of the day.
The corner restaurant - Musee du Fort. The corner has a bit of lighting, and we were kept company by a local sax musician for most of the time we painted, along with many curious onlookers, who no doubt, do not see too many painters out at night.

This is one of my favorites from the trip.

Finis at 9:45 pm, we headed back to the hotel - tired but, feeling great about the day.

We missed another painter friend, Mario, who had come to the hotel to paint with us. We walked around so much, he could never have found us !

Original Oils on linen
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to be continued...