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"I paint Niagara for the same reason Monet painted his haystacks over and over ...the ever changing light".

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Creativity art workshops & retreats
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

WORLDWIDE Paint Out Niagara Falls last minute details in place

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Last minute details are being put into place today, as groups of plein air painters all over the globe anticipate participation in the

5th WORLDWIDE Paint Out.

Plein air painting (french for open air) was first introduced by the Impressionists in the 19th century but, today, has seen a new popularity and seems to be the new 'catch phrase'.

While the nature of en plein air is mostly all prima, some artists do a bit of tweaking back in the studio to their painting but, to be plein air, this amounts to only 5-10% on the piece.

Here in Niagara Falls, we have some return artists coming in for the paint out and many more that will be experiencing painting the drama of Niagara for the first time!

If any one is in the area this weekend, look for the artists in Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Artists tent located at the base of Murray Hill.

Info on this event will be updated as the weekend progresses.

J. Baldini Executive
Director and founder
International Plein Air Painters